“Tragedy masks the opportunity for growth”

Tragedy masks the opportunity for growth. The surest way out of untenable situations, such as the COVID-19 virus, is to change your perspective and view the situation as a challenge to to which you are meant to rise.

Challenge yourself by asking, “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

Your answer will usually involve a human strength or value, such as compassion, interconnectedness, gratitude, resiliency, freedom, spirituality, or family.

Your answer will lead to deeper connection with yourself, with your loved ones, and humanity. The challenge is to find meaning in the senselessness.

Many times a simple awareness of the lesson or value is all that is necessary to free you from the shackles of sadness and anger.

If not, the new connection with your core values will fuel your courage to help you find a way to persevere, survive, eventually thrive.

– Dr. John Schinnerer

Host of The Evolved Caveman Podcast

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