Surviving To Thriving Virtual Summit Starts May 11, 2020

In an attempt to serve the world, on May 11th, Dr. John and his fiancee, Joree Rose, are kicking off an epic virtual summit …

Surviving to Thriving During the Pandemic

25 speakers covering important topics such as #leadership, #relationships, #anger, #anxiety, #stress, #parenting, #resiliency, #mindfulness, #purpose, #hope, #self-compassion, #porn addiction, goal setting and #dating. 

Surviving to Thriving Summit Dr. John Schinnerer Joree Rose, LMFT

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Here are some of the experts who have offered their expertise… 

Scott Miller – EVP of Thought Leadership FranklinCovey

Cory Muscara – Mindfulness Expert, Author, former monk

Dan Tomasulo, Ph.D. – Author of Learned #Hopefulness

Tim Ryan – US Congressman

Michael O’Brien – #TEDx speaker, Your Last Bad Day

Mike Robbins – Author of We’re All In This Together

Dr. Victor Strecher – Univ. of #Michigan and expert in Purpose

Dr. Jed Diamond – Author of 16 books including The #Irritable #Male Syndrome

Mark Greene – Author of Little #MeToo Book For Men

Dr. Tom DiBlasi – Professor, Expert on anger, #aggression

Helen Maffini – Parenting & Mindfulness Expert

Natalie Bell – Expert in self-compassion 

Kirsten McKenna, Ph.D. -Expert in positive psychology & leadership

Craig Perra – Expert in porn and sex addiction

Emily King -Expert in #money #mindsets

All of these are free for 30 days beginning on May 11th!!!.

So stay tuned for an epic summit and be sure to…

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