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Positive Psychology Tools with the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

1. Become a Capitalizer

Shelley Gable at UCLA has shown that one of the keys to transforming good relationships into great ones is to learn the skill of capitalizing on the good news of others.The best response to others’ good news is to feed off their excitement, ask questions and show genuine interest, creating a positive upward spiral.

2. The Blessings Exercise

Every 3-5 nights, write down 3 things that went well that day and why they went well. It’s a very simple yet powerful way to begin to shift your thinking from what you lack to what you have. It works as well as a mild antidepressant in 2 weeks time.

3. Take a Walk Outside

Spending 20 minutes a day nature, surrounded by trees, birds, flowers and fresh air increases your vitality, mood and happiness. It even boosts your immune system functioning.

4. Rekindle Your Sense of Humor

Cultivating your sense of humor helps people stay healthy and increases your chances of living past the age of 70.And people like to be around others who are quick to laughter.You can even work at improving how frequently you amuse yourself. It’s all about how you think.Train yourself to see routine situations in new, creative ways.

5. Build a Mental Scrapbook

Reliving memories of enjoyable times increases happiness. It’s as simple as focusing your attention on past, positive events (e.g., wedding, vacation, ceremony, birth, sporting event, etc.).Take a mental note when something wonderful happens now so you can revisit it and dwell on it later.

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