Episode 90: Maneuvering Manhood In The Army: Leadership, PTSD, and Spirituality

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Watching Band of Brothers inspired Cameron Harman to volunteer for the U.S. Army. He wound up in the Afghanistan war. This is his story.

How does one go from solider to PTSD to spiritual student?

Is it necessary to be a mean, out-of-control asshole to be respected as a leader in the military?

What motivates people better — fear or love?

To what extent is fear a necessary motivator in battle?

To what extent is physical strength needed to be masculine? Is it so important that steroids are a viable option?

What does PTSD look like/sound like/feel like?

The impact of insults on our masculinity and how easily manipulated we are by them (e.g., Cam wanted to get a brain scan for his traumatic brain injury due to an IED. His C.O.’s response, “Ok bitch boy, you go have the crazy doctors check you out!”).

What sort of psychological damage do we inflict on others when our masculinity and mental health are out of whack?

The big idea that depression in men comes out as irritability or alexithymia (i.e., the inability to name what you are feeling).

Cameron Harman, veteran of the U.S army and Afghanistan war. After service over seas he suffered from PTSD. He tried therapy and counseling both in the military and out. When he hit rock bottom, he began to study Buddhism and spirituality. He deeply connected to the texts and teachings. By practicing meditation and changing his perceptions, he healed my PTSD. His healing changed the way he sees the world. Hermit_Radio (podcast) was a way to give back to the world by sharing his knowledge. He now lives life with two principles: love everyone and tell the truth.

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