Stimulate Testosterone Production To Avoid The Dad Bod

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What is the “dad bod?”

Why does it happen? How do I avoid it?

Why is testosterone so important for men?

To what extent does testosterone decline as we age?

How does our testosterone production enter into our physical decline as men?

What can we do to naturally increase testosterone production?

About Alex VanHouten:

As a personal trainer and nutritionist of 14 years, carrier of a brutal genetic disorder, and busy father of 2 boys, Coach Alex VanHouten knows the struggle of cutting through the garbage of the nutrition and exercise industries. 3 years ago he founded Defining Dad Bod to help busy parents build stronger, healthier families based on new science and clinical practice. His podcast “Defining Dad Bod” is a listener-supported enterprise that puts out practical content every week to help listeners do everything from lowering their body fat to choosing the right supplements.”

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