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My name is Dr. John Schinnerer. The Evolved Caveman was created to coach men towards success AND happiness at work AND at home. It’s my belief that if you don’t have all of these, you have none of them. And the ultimate goal …is happiness.

Evolving into success and happiness at work and at home demands our evolution in romantic relationships, communication, leadership, physical health, spirituality, wealth creation, meaning and parenting. Part of this evolution was the creation of a podcast to share the latest information with men (and women who want to better understand men) – The Evolved Caveman Podcast (Top 10 in self-help).

My belief is that everyone of the 7.5 billion people on this planet has a goal of happiness. We try to get there in a variety of ways – power, wealth, sex, drugs, serving others, and so on. But the common denominator is happiness. So how do you do that?

Happiness comes from getting relationships right in 4 areas – 

  1. Relationship with self – learning tools to turn down the volume on negative thoughts and emotions and turn up the volume on the positive, 
  2. Relationships with others – learning how to effectively communicate and be in a fulfilling relationship, 
  3. Relationship with work – productive, effective and meaningful work and 
  4. Relationship with something larger than self – spirit, military, or having a mission or purpose. 

I have worked with men supporting their peak performance and happiness for over 20 years, whether it be in 1-on-1 coaching, groups, seminars, retreats or masterminds. So if you are looking for a place to find your purpose, ignite your passion, help with accountability, teach you new frameworks and skills for happiness and success, or have a fulfilling relationship, you are in the right place.

If you are ready to live a full spectrum life at work and at home, join the Evolved Caveman community. Visit the Evolved Caveman Facebook Group and apply today.

The Evolved Caveman signifies a tip of the hat to our collective past as well as the future to which we aspire. At a very real level, we are all still cavemen at times. As much as we hate to admit it, the emotional mind takes over at times — anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, and shame. All of these (and more) can hijack our rational thinking mind in 1/3rd of a second. This is our caveman legacy – the amygdala, the fight-flight-freeze sympathetic nervous system response. With practice and awareness, we overcome this automatic response.

The Evolved Caveman also speaks to our positive future; that which we want to see materialized. It is our ambition, our goals, our audacious plans for ourselves and those whom we love. It is happiness and contentment; individually and collectively.

The Evolved Caveman logo (below) is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s illustration of The Vitruvian Man. This drawing, one of my favorites, symbolizes imperfect man stretching towards perfection (the edges of the square and circle). This is a perfect symbol for the Evolved Caveman – an awareness that we are imperfect, uncertain and fallible and, in spite of that, striving towards the ideal; ideals of embracing a full spectrum life in terms of love, connection, wealth, leadership, fulfillment and family.

Evolved Caveman podcast Dr. John Schinnerer relationship coach for men

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