Increase MPH & Step On The GAS For Greater Success And Happiness!

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A valuable conversation with Jay Scherr on what we need for greater success AND happiness, including topics of …

What motivates us to radical change and transformation?
The need for men to check their egos for greater success and happiness
The path to happiness for men – Internal validation (vs. external validation)
Being aware of the misery caused by social comparisons
At what age do we stop learning?
Jay’s formula for success:
MPH GAS – Mindset, Purpose, Habits, Goals, Action = Success
The crucial need for intimate knowledge of your core values

About Jay Scherr

Jay Scherr, owner of J. Scott Consulting Services, has loved all things business since he can remember. After attending Virginia Commonwealth University, Scherr spent over 30 years working with corporations and entrepreneurs. When the time was right, Scherr jumped at the opportunity to apply his extensive knowledge and experience to help other business owners achieve their goals and objectives.

As a business improvement consultant and coach, Scherr focuses on areas where he can help make the greatest impact on his clients’ business. “I help entrepreneurs, small and mid-size business owners optimize performance and get their business fit by creating a framework and providing the tools that strengthen the foundational components of their business while creating clarity, focus, accountability, discipline, scalability, and predictable results,” he said. “This enables my clients to close the gap between where they are and where they want to go.”

Looking ahead, Scherr is focused on continuing to grow his business by helping the right clients create the business of their dreams. What advice does Scherr have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Do something that you love and that gives you purpose,” he said. “Do your homework, define your target market and provide a solution that solves a real problem for that market. Fulfill a need, don’t create one. Start building your network early – as Harvey Mackay says, ‘dig your well before you’re thirsty.’ Surround yourself with amazing people who share your values and get your vision. Have a written strategic plan, set realistic and stretch goals, have metrics in place to measure progress, and execute! Be in proximity to those you can serve with your product or service. Lastly, engage with mentors who have relevant experience and can provide guidance.”

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