Harness The Masculine For A Happy, Successful Relationship

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Divorce cracked GS Youngblood open to the reality that he needed to learn some new skills to be better in relationship. He spent years learning from experts so he could answer the following questions for himself:

What happens to us emotionally immediately following separation?

How do we deal with the depression and anxiety that follows breakup?

How to ask for help from friends after divorce?

What is the masculine core and how do we lead from it?

How can men be less emotionally reactive in relationship?

How to bring clarity and decisiveness into relationship?

What do women long for n a relationship?

Why do men call women ‘crazy’ when they get

What’s the best way to deal wit h your partner when she/he gets emotional?

What is sexual leadership and how do we cultivate it?

What are the top tools to create a happy, thriving, successful relationship at home?

GS Youngblood is the author of “The Masculine in Relationship”. He coaches men in relationships on how to live, love, and lead from their Masculine core. He specializes in “nice guys” who are with strong women. His teachings combine deep embodiment work with the framework of the Masculine blueprint from his book.

His writings are filtered through the laboratory of his and his clients ’real-world, long term relationships (including the successes and spectacular failures) to see what actually works and what doesn’t. Through this lens of Masculine leadership, he also pulls in principles from a variety of fields: psychology, martial arts, tango, meditation, and tantra.
Where to find GS:

Website: gsyoungblood.com
FB: @gsyoungblood1 https://www.facebook.com/gsyoungblood1
FB Group “The
Masculine in Relationship”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/481810142418197
IG:@gsyoungbloodmir https://www.instagram.com/gsyoungbloodmir/

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