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One of the biggest factors in a happy, thriving life is meaning. Studies show the biggest factor in the life of a happy man is meaningful work. Knowing your ‘why’, you can get through any ‘how.’ Discover all you need to know about meaning and purpose for you.

Topics covered…

You were a big fan of the band Rush – how cool did that make you in high school? Did playing the violin make up for it?

Why is meaning so important for us?

How do Viktor Frankel and Irv Yalom figure into your work? JP Sartre? F. Dostoyevsky? Albert Camus? Samuel Beckett? Aristotle? (Caution: This is a very heady conversation!)

How does one go about identifying their meaning or purpose?

Do we vary in terms of how much we need meaning?

The importance of being aware of your core beliefs or ‘givens’.

What are the 3 levels of core beliefs?

How do you identify your core beliefs?

Which core beliefs serve us best for success? For happiness?


Dr. Michael F. Steger is Professor of Psychology and the Director for the Center for Meaning and Purpose at Colorado State University. He is an internationally recognized authority on the benefits of finding meaning in one’s life and in one’s work. Dr. Steger is a sought after speaker and enjoys providing keynotes, workshops, and retreats around the world on topics ranging from meaning and purpose, flourishing at work, positive education, effective leadership, expanding clinical practice by incorporating meaning and purpose assessment and interventions. He is the developer of the most widely-used measures of meaning and purpose in the world, including the Meaning in Life Questionnaire and the Work and Meaning Inventory. He has written three books, including Designing Positive Psychology, Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace, and the Handbook of Positivity and Strengths-Based Approaches at Work. Dr. Steger offers a number of online courses on elevating success in work and life, including his newest course, Meaning in the Moment, taught through the Wholebeing Institute.

Here is the course description of Meaning in the Moment…

Crafting a meaningful life doesn’t have to be a philosophical chore, it can be lived one vivid and enjoyable moment at a time. This on-demand online course is focused on practical exercises that help people use the power of now to create lives rich in meaning. Each session offers two or more exercises that you can learn to use one at a time, in an array of combinations, and even all together in a coherent program on meaning in the moment. Mike shows how people can get unstuck and move forward with a lighter heart toward greater meaning and purpose.

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