75% of U.S. Employees Are Disengaged At Work. Now What?

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25% of U.S. employees are actively engaged at work.
50% of employees are slightly disengaged (doing just enough to stay employed) and
25% of employees are actively disengage at work and they are sabotaging projects, stealing and backstabbing others. HR Magazine, Feb. 2004)
Most employees are fearful for their job and are thus willing to withstand many humiliations. This, in turn, leads to passive-aggressive behavior which eventually turns to outright anger.

These numbers have not changed over the last 15 years.

The biggest reasons for disconnection are 1) the low EQ of the direct supervisor and 2) the belief that the company just doesn’t care about the employee.

Firms that publicly commit to creating a great culture outperform those that don’t by 200-300% (Business and Society Review, 1999).

The old mantra of “Win at all costs” no longer holds water in the business world. Integrity and respect are rapidly becoming strategic essentials of business. Why? What does this look like?

What happens when we get lost in our own hyper-competitiveness and lose sight of our values?

Why are disrespect and incivility so common today?

The Center for Respectful Leadership Founder and Executive Director Gregg Ward got his start as a professional actor, writer and director in New York City during the 1980’s. He didn’t find much respect as an actor however. A few years later, when working with the NYPD, Gregg discovered that respect between police officers and the people they served was in many cases almost non-existent, causing both groups serious challenges.

Through research and experience Gregg discovered that respect was a key driver of performance, productivity, loyalty, and partnership.

Even more surprising, he determined that disrespect and incivility in the workplace was negatively impacting business processes and outcomes far more than anyone understood; and disrespect was alarmingly common.

This observation led to the pursuit of an understanding of the importance and best practices surrounding conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and (most importantly) respect.

Find out more at https://centerforrespectfulleadership.org

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