Have Better Sex By Breaking Out Of the Man Box

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Join Dr. John for an arousing and revealing talk about how
men can be the successful AND happy in the areas of sex
and relationships. Unfortunately, it’s likely that more
women than men will listen to this because most men
have been socialized to act as if they know it all and to
never ask for help. This is concerning as one study by sex
researcher Melanie Curtin shows that sexually
experienced women (20 partners or more) report 90% of
their male lovers are simply not good in bed. Well, you
know what they say, you can lead a horse to water…!
Topics in this episode include…
How do we begin re-creating romance in a long-term
How men can arouse and excite their partners
during the day (in anticipation of sex that night) by
tapping into women’s biggest sex organ – the brain.
How do men get better in the bedroom?
What does it mean to be successful in a romantic

Zev Halpern Bio:

Zev Halpern has enjoyed an 30 year career as a
licensed Psychotherapist, Relationship & Intimacy
Coach, Podcast Host, Author and Speaker
Zev works with couples addressing all aspects of
relationships including improving communication
and intimacy. He is a sought after professional for
couples who are looking for more from their intimate
lives or want to rekindle their romance. He is the
host of “The Stimulate Your Relationship Show”
Social Media
Website- StimulateYourRelationship.com
Facebook.com/ Zev Halpern Relationship & Intimacy
Facebook Groups
– Stimulate Your Relationship
– Secrets for Creating Successful Relationships

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