Great Leaders Are Great Storytellers. You Can Become One Too.

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Great leaders are great storytellers. One of the key skills Dr. John teaches is that of honing your best stories to move and influence others. Stories teach, connect and inspire us. This is why Dr. John was thrilled to meet Sarah Elkins, professional storyteller. He was eager to learn all he could from a pro.

Sarah is a communication coach, Gallup certified StrengthsFinder coach, storyteller, keynote speaker, author, and musician. Her podcast and book, Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will, help listeners and readers understand that the stories they choose to tell, and how they choose to tell them, impact their internal messages and the perceptions of the people around them.

Sarah loves to work with remote teams and leaders to ensure their relationships are based on knowing & valuing each other’s strengths. She knows that the key to satisfaction and happiness in life is healthy relationships, and the keys to healthy relationships are self-reflection and communication. Her ultimate goal is to help bring self-reflection and positive intention to the workforce.

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Instagram: @sarahlynnelkins

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