Episode 88: Taming The Anger And Irritability That Comes With COVID

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Anger, frustration, resentment, irritability — all of these are nearly inevitable during the shelter-in-place stress of COVID. But what do we DO about them? How do we turn down the volume on these destructive emotions as well as the relationship-killing behaviors that they fuel? Relationships die via the death of a 1000 paper cuts. These paper cuts consist of small (to large) acts that create anger, resentment, and annoyance — things like being ignored, showing up late, insults, criticisms, stonewalling, abuse, thoughtlessness and more. If you want to be successful, if you want to be happy, there is no more important question than how to turn down the frequency and intensity of anger.

Join Dr. John and author and speaker, Thomas E. Ziemann, in a powerful and practical discussion around managing irritability.  Tom is the author of “Taming the Anger Dragon: From PISSED OFF to Peaceful” as well as “Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams: How to Manifest It from Fantasy to Reality”,  “The Department of Zenitation: A Laymen’s Guide to Making Spirituality Work in Real Life.” Tom delivers engaging, uplifting lectures on Relationships, Life Purpose, Meditation, and Anger Management.  He is the proud father of two brilliant daughters, married to his best friend, and is a lover of cats.  He lives near Portland, Oregon. Tom’s books are available on amazon.com. Find out more about Tom at https://tomziemann.com.

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