Episode 87: All Of Life Is Sales: Here’s How You Get Better At It

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I used to hate salespeople – always trying to push some product on me they didn’t believe in and that I didn’t need. Now, in my maturity (wink, wink), I realize the importance of sales – the fact that in some undeniable way, all of life is sales. That is, nearly every conversation we have is an attempt to persuade one another. Whether it’s about what to have for dinner, or what car to buy. Begrudgingly, I have accepted the need for sales and persuasion. After all, one part of psychology is researching the most powerful hacks to persuade others, and how to defend yourself from them. So I was very excited to have Jason Cutter join me to discuss the finer points of sales.

Jason Cutter is the CEO of Cutter Consulting Group, author of Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker, and host of The Sales Experience Podcast. He sees himself as a Sales Success Architect for companies and individuals, providing coaching, training, and consulting for companies around the world who want to dramatically improve their selling effectiveness.

What makes him unique is that he didn’t have an upbringing focused on sales, such that his bachelor’s degree is in Marine Biology. Despite this, and not getting his first real sales job until he was 27, he figured out how to be successful in sales and has made it his mission to shift salespeople away from the classically taught manipulation tactics and inspire and train them to achieve sales success by becoming Authentic Persuaders.

Jason’s Links:
Main Hub/Link: www.jasoncutter.com
CCG Website: https://www.cutterconsultinggroup.com/
Authentic Persuasion: https://authenticpersuasion.com/
The Sales Experience Podcast: https://wavve.link/tsep
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jascut/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/authenticpersuasion/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUispT6lFirB6zLADpvQ8HQ
Persuading Like A Professional: https://authenticpersuasion.thinkific.com/courses/persuading-like-a-professional
Pre/Order the Book: https://www.authenticpersuasion.com/pre-order-selling-with-authentic-persuasion/

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